Here's Johnny!!!!

Here's Johnny!!!!
Chris and Johnny at Dave & Busters. (Source: Chris Tennyson)
Chris and Johnny at Dave & Busters. (Source: Chris Tennyson)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Newspapers are piling up on Johnny Manziel's front lawn, so maybe he hasn't read about the stir he's in the middle of.

Given his penchant for selfies and videos that's unlikely.

While the papers are piling up make no mistake somebody's home, they're just not coming to the door.

The latest Johnny sighting was Wednesday night at Dave & Busters in Westlake and unlike the reported blonde wig wearing Billy sighting in Vegas,
this one was caught on camera.

Chris Tennyson was there with his girlfriend Ashley Weaver and says, "I caught a candid of him like that one where he's shooting pool."

After a few minutes he worked up the nerve to approach Johnny using humor.

"I asked him I said, I thought you had blond hair," said Chris.

He just kind of looked at me and smiled and said 'that's pretty good, that's pretty good.'

"He gave me a little dap and said you have a good night buddy. I said you too," added Chris.

Ashley was right behind. "Then I just asked him to smile for my picture and that was it. He said it was a pleasure to meet you," Ashley added.

Chris and Ashley were left with a great impression of the way Manziel handled himself. They didn't see him drink anything, he was just playing pool with buddies.

And what does Chris think of Johnny mania?  He told us "At this point it's like where's Waldo?"

He answered his own question on Wednesday in Westlake.

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