Video captures thefts in Avon Lake area

Video captures thefts in Avon Lake area

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Avon Lake police are searching for the people responsible for breaking into vehicles in the Avon Lake area.

Police say there were five reports of items taken from vehicles on Jan. 8. Surveillance video captured one of the thefts. The Avon Lake Police Department posted the video to their Facebook page.

In the video one guy goes up to the door of an unlocked car and helps himself to what's inside. It took a total of two minutes to steal thousands of dollars of drum equipment from the car parked in the driveway of the Avon Lake home in the Wild Berry development.

"We looked at the surveillance camera and that's when I realized they had gotten into my vehicle and stolen my drums,"  says Greg Beck.
Greg Beck's car was just one of eight unlocked vehicles hit in a few Avon Lake neighborhoods within hours early Friday morning. He says
he usually locks his car but unfortunately forgot that night.
Police got several calls on Friday of items stolen from cars including cash, designer sunglasses and gloves.
Three incidents in the Legacy development alone. One in Waterside South subdivision.
"I was kind of shocked how bold they were. The fact that they were just walking alone and then were really around the entire street and
hit every car casually walking around. They had their backpacks on like they were doing this more often than once," says Beck.

Beck and other residents are glad his cameras were rolling and are hoping his video helps catch the crooks. And helps to remind others
to keep their valuables safe and always lock your doors.
"We'd like to catch them is what we'd like to do cause we feel violated," says Trudy Keuchel.

"I didn't think anybody would be bold enough to come up there," explains Beck.

If you have any information about the people responsible, call police at (440) 933-2211.

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