Emergency crews help Clevelanders not prepared for drastic drop in temps

Drastic drop in temps catch many off guard

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Emergency Medical Services transported a woman to Marymount Hospital Sunday after cold temperatures caused her distress at a bus stop at East 131st Street and Miles Avenue. 

Cleveland Fire Spokesperson Larry Gray said there have been a few calls that crews have responded to related to the frigid, cold weather. 

"They are just basically people that weren't prepared, people who were out in this type of weather for a longer period of time than they should have been and then had some periods of distress with hands being very, very frozen, semi-frozen - people who have their feet feeling like they are frozen, things like that," said Gray.

The last couple of months have been so mild, that winter's late arrival may be catching some people off guard.  

"When you've had this type of mild weather up to this point, you start getting those types of calls.  Again, we stress that people make sure that they have on the proper layers of clothes, make sure they think about what they are going into," added Gray.

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