Snow plow drivers rejoice for snow

Snow plow drivers rejoice for snow

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Jared Glasko, of Turf World Company Landscaping and Snow Plowing, says, he's never not seen snow in Cleveland, in November and December.

Tuesday, we found him plowing snow in the Hough neighborhood. He had been plowing and treating roadways since the wee hours of the morning.

"It was rough. It got rough for a little bit right around seven, eight o'clock," described Glasko.

After a mild start to the winter, white is what Glasko and others in the business of snow plowing and removal want to see.

Plowing driveways and parking lots in the winter is what Glasko's dad's business, Turf World Landscaping and Snow Plowing, depends on to keep going through the year.

"What was nice is, we still had a couple of projects to keep us going since the weather was so nice, but it's definitely better to switch to winter mode and stay in winter mode, instead of switching back and forth," said Glasko.

Only about a block away from where Glasko was plowing, London Byrd was going door to door to see if anyone needed their sidewalk shoveled.

If they couldn't afford to pay him, he said, he would shovel for free. The few extra bucks Byrd would make shoveling, Byrd said, would help him out.

"I'm out here trying to help the elderly people because I know they can't get out to do their yards, so that's why I'm out here," said Byrd.

More snow in the forecast means more opportunities to turn what's white into something that's green.

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