6 tips to get your car winter ready

6 tips to get your car winter ready

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You live in Cleveland so you know what the seasons bring us. But, for many winter crept up on us with those warmer days in the forecast. So a lot of auto repair shops like Radair in downtown Cleveland are getting swamped with customers now that the cold and snow has finally moved in.
"Since last week we were up about twenty percent since this year. It's no heat, no defrost, and no start Those are the three big one's this year," says Andy Fiffick.
Andy Fiffick says you may be surprised by how many drivers don't do the basic maintenance on the cars until it's too late. So Fiffick went over with us the top 6 things drivers forget to do to their car during the winter.
"Change over to their winter washer fluid. This is rated for twenty below zero. Summer fluid is only rated for freezing," explains Fiffick.

"Their battery is more than five years old. Just change it get it out of there. Belts and hoses. You can see this belt has a crack in it. This is going to fail on you. The lights. I like to say see all and be seen," says Andy Fiffick.
And when it comes to tires.

"When the wear bars are even with the tread that means the tires worn out," says Fiffick.

And finally the cheapest thing to stay on top of: your windshield wipers.

"This is a bad wiper blade. it's going to streak. you can tell it's ripped get a nice wiper blade. It's nice and solid. Flexible," says Fiffick.

Another tip, make sure your brakes are working. Experts say if you do the basic maintenance on your car you could save hundreds if not thousands down the road.

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