Snow plow drivers dreaming of winter with a 'backbone'

Snow plow drivers dreaming of winter with a 'backbone'

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - The North Shore Performance Snow Patrol team is on high alert over the next 72 hours.

"It does hurt the pocket book a little bit when you're not able to plow," says Kevin O'Shea with North Shore Performance.

O'Shea and his team of experienced snow plow drivers out of Rocky River are waiting for Old Man Winter to blow into town with some backbone.

"We watch the weather regularly. Every couple of hours we check in and make sure the radar isn't changing. I use a weather station and a forecast service that will tell us but we also reference the local news cause local news and the forecasters know our area and know it well and we watch all the updates and pay attention," adds O'Shea.

Snowfall over northeast Ohio is well below normal but this week's snowfall is making mechanics work long days to put plows back out on the road.

"Snow plowing is very hard on the trucks and you will have breakdowns. So last night was a good test. Couple of the trucks faired ok but we do need to get them back on the road for what could be tonight," says O'Shea.

Snow plow drivers earn their money behind the wheel. So if you snow plow for a living, late at night you dream what they call around here, the legendary Valentine's Snow Day Massacre.

Kevin O'Shea says "It was Valentine's day and we got between 12 and 18 inches of snow during the day and that ruined everybody's dinner plans.  A lot of the wives and girlfriends were not happy that we were stuck out all night during Valentine's Day. It wasn't a lot of fun."

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