" Hue gotta Believe" new shirt for new coach

" Hue gotta Believe" new shirt for new coach

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "Hue gotta believe" -- it's the latest t-shirt by GV Art and Design in Lakewood.

Greg Vlosich says he and his family came up with the slogan when the buzz about the Browns talking to the then Bengals Offensive Coordinator was circulating.

"We've been kind of thinking of ideas here and there, then, we said alright time to really come up with something like what can we do
to kid of piggy back on the positivity and kinda give Cleveland something to be proud about, " says Greg Vlosich.
And now that Hue is hired Vlosich says there could be new hope for the team to do well.
It was just two-weeks ago that the released this shirt "under construction" with the announcement of the restructuring of the team, yet
"The whole set of firings and clean house again alright we've seen this every year since 99 for the most part . So we thought we'd really
play up the under construction thing. It ties in well with Cleveland too," says Vlosich.
And with word that Johnny is going, it brings a whole new perspective to the shirt GV Art came up with when Johnny came to town.

'Go Johnny Go' now means something else. Only a couple of shirts are now left in the shop.
One thing's for sure, when it comes to sports Cleveland always keeps it interesting, keeping GV Art busy.
"There's always something around the corner, and we take pride in coming up with something creative for the next big thing," explains
The store hopes to have the new Hue shirts by the weekend. There's already plenty of interest online. They say they make come up with
other ideas down the road.

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