Crime doesn't pay but Crime Stoppers does; Get your reward

Crime doesn't pay but Crime Stoppers does; Get your reward

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Tips to Crime Stoppers have helped solve many high-profile crimes over the years. Many more are mysteries:

All crimes committed by people still on the street.  At times, crimes caught on tape with no one willing to step forward even if they do recognize the suspect.

Crime Stoppers spokesman Bill Jelenek said to call if you have information, "We'll keep you anonymous, they're eligible for a cash reward up to $2,500
if their information leads to an arrest or indictment of a felony suspect."

Crime Stoppers is a well-worn institution that has gotten impressive results in its 40 years in Cleveland.  Since it began, 50,000 tips have been called in,
leading to 6,000 cases solved.  About 3,000 tipsters have gotten cash rewards.  The money comes from court fees, donations and fundraisers.

There are other ways Crime Stoppers helps.  In the case of Brian Nance who was killed on East 61st Street in October, it printed up fliers for family and
friends to distribute to keep the crime top of mind in the neighborhood.

But at times the lack of tips can be deafening.  Witnesses may have their own legal troubles and won't approach a police department for fear of being identified and arrested.

There is no need to identify yourself with Crime Stoppers.  It uses a code number, not a tipster's name to track possible rewards.  Jelenek said, "We don't track any of that, we have no caller ID. We don't take anybody's name, phone numbers or any type of information like that."

An anonymous tip paid off for whoever called about violent robbers Jason Brown and Jovon Fields after seeing surveillance video in a Crime Stoppers
segment.  The two are locked up and a reward was paid for the tip.

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