60-year-old South Euclid woman arrested 61 times

60-year-old South Euclid woman arrested 61 times

SOUTH EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - A South Euclid woman was arrested on Wednesday for the 61st time.

Police posted on Facebook that 61 arrests is one more than Cheryl Crenshaw is years old.

She was most recently arrested for a theft from Walmart.

Police said her other offenses were mainly misdemeanor thefts.

There was no immediate word on what her sentence could be this time around.

And if you think that's bad, Nathaniel Ferguson was arrested last year by South Euclid police for the 109th time.

"The first time you make a mistake, the second time you make a mistake, the third time it's a habit. From that point on you're not learning from your mistakes," said Chief Kevin Nietert after Ferguson's arrest.

Officers said Ferguson went into a CVS and stole teeth whitening strips.

Thirty-two of his 109 arrests were felonies. He was accused of a variety of crimes; receiving stolen property, drugs, trafficking, theft, aggravated theft and grand theft. there was even an escape.

"I think it's important for society to realize really what we deal with from a law enforcement perspective," Nietert said.

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