Blog: Titans open to trading away top pick, but what does it mean for the Browns

Blog: Titans open to trading away top pick, but what does it mean for the Browns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With the latest reports of the Tennessee Titans open to trading away their top overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, what does it mean to the Cleveland Browns?

The Browns clearly need a quarterback and many mock drafts have them taking California quarterback Jared Goff with the second overall pick.

ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. said that the Dallas Cowboys are the team to watch, as they could leap frog the Browns and scoop up Goff with the top overall pick. The Cowboys currently hold the fourth overall pick, if the Titans are not sold on Ohio State DE Joey Bosa, the move would make perfect sense to trade down three spots and pick up a high quality draft pick.

The Cowboys finished 4-12, long time quarterback Tony Romo missed 12 games due to multiple collarbone injuries. The Cowboys have a glaring hole with their back up quarterback situation, and Romo is not getting any younger. If Jerry Jones likes Goff and views him as the future quarterback, moving up would not be an issue and is in fact, a real possibility.

Which brings me to Johnny Manziel, or Billy Manziel, whatever you feel like calling him.

Manziel has continued to keep himself in the news cycle with crazy stories on weekly basis is seems like. The Cowboys showed interest in him before the Browns drafted him with the 22nd overall pick. Would Jerry Jones pull the trigger on trading for, or picking up Manziel in the event he is cut? It looks like he will have every chance at it. Browns head coach Hue Jackson views Manziel as a "non-starter" if he in fact was in Vegas the night before the season finale, Jackson said in an interview on Bleacher Report Radio with Jason Cole and Ty Schalter.

If the Browns are cleaning house and looking to start new, letting go of Manziel needs to be at the top of the list when it comes to player personnel moves. Even if Manziel goes out and does well with another team, Hue Jackson needs to be on the same page with his quarterback and for Jackson to put his faith in Manziel, would be absurd.

Goff seems like the sure fire first quarterback to be taken in the draft, but a lot can change in five months. So if Goff is taken at No. 1, what are the Browns options?

North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz is flying up draft boards and many analysts view him as the best quarterback in the draft. I also view him as the best quarterback in the draft. Wentz is tall, athletic and is made for the NFL quarterback position. He can also read the defense and is a threat as a runner, running for six touchdowns last season. I compare Wentz to Blake Bortles and Derek Carr. I would not be surprised if he ends up being the best quarterback in this draft. Take Wentz and never look back. With the 32nd overall pick, take the best available wide receiver, preferably one over 6-foot.

Browns fans, get ready, I feel some positive things are about to happen over the course of the next five months.

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