APL rescues animals from the deep freeze

APL rescues animals from the deep freeze

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland residents do their best to stay warm as they make their way up and down the snow-covered streets. On these cold nights, the Cleveland Animal Protective League drives up and down the streets looking for animals, usually cats or dogs.

"They say this is no weather for man or beast, but unfortunately it's always the beast that get's tied up outside," Chief Jed Mignano, APL said.

One beast Mignano didn't expect to see was a goat. A goat, named Billie Jean, living in a doghouse-type shelter, outside on Puritas Avenue.

"We got in contact with the owner and he's consented to let this gentlemen keep the goat for a while," Mignano said.

Billie Jean came out quickly to Denise Murray. She in turn took the goat by the collar, leading her to safety.

"To see her out here in the cold every night she can't talk, she is helpless out here," Murray said.

The APL received calls all day Monday about pets left in the cold. They respond to every call which leads me back to Billie Jean. She was grateful to Denise. Even the goat knows this baaaadd weather isn't safe for animal that often times doesn't mind it.

"With this type of weather what might serve for shelter in mild weather is no shelter at all for a day like today," he said.

The APL said when it gets cold like this, even if you have your dog in a covered porch you need to bring them indoors.

Often times when you let your pet out they stay out too long and that can be dangerous too.

Finally check your pets paws and make sure there is no cracking or bleeding because the cold weather can affect that, too.

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