Beloved beer can collection finds a good home

Beloved beer can collection finds a good home
Beer can collection is up for sale. (Source: WOIO)
Beer can collection is up for sale. (Source: WOIO)

LOUDONVILLE, OH (WOIO) - A local family that was looking for a good home for a rather unusual collection has found it!

John Allerding, 95, was a member of the Beer Can Collectors of America for his entire adulthood. Last September, John passed away leaving his family the task of selling his estate and finding a new home for his beloved beer can collection. A collection consisting of more than 2,500 collectible cans and 2,500 trader cans displayed in the home's basement from wall to wall, floor to ceiling.

"The collection was always kind of a family joke," says Steve Allerding. "Whenever we teased each other we would say well dad wanted you to have the beer can collection. The sheer volume of it is overwhelming."

John Allerding started the collection around 1969, the same time his son Steve Allerding went into the Navy. He later joined the Beer Can Collectors of America and started his collection while Steve and some of Steve's military friends sent cans from foreign countries back home to be added to the beloved basement beer can wall.

"I would love to see someone buy this collection and do what Dad did with it," says Steve. "This is a sports man cave down here . A brew pub or a microbrewery taking a collection like this and enclosing it in a wall or something would be spectacular. That, ideally would be how I'd like to see it go. Somebody who wants to continue collecting and adding to it and appreciates the history of beer cans and the fact that they are in their own form, pieces of art and a unique thing to collect.

And that is exactly what has happened! A Texas brewery recently bought the collection for an undisclosed amount. Vince Beard at The Fredonia Brewery and Taproom in Nacogdoches, TX has purchased the beer can collection. The collection will be enclosed behind the bar in a wall at this brewery along with a photo of John and Esther Allerding the original collectors.

"The collection has not been appraised, but Allerding says his father, who was very involved with the Beer Can Collectors of America, believed it to be valued between $2,500 - $5,000.  The cans consist of flat and cone top steel and aluminum cans. Some in great condition and some with rust showing. Allerding speculates that some of the cans alone are worth a couple hundred dollars.

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