Workers who have no choice but to BRAVE the cold

Workers who have no choice but to BRAVE the cold

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Hannah Mrowca manages a group of valets who has the task of braving the cold while doing their jobs.

"We like helping our guests. Even though it's cold you know we just have to dress appropriate, make sure we're ready for the day," Hannah Mrowca said.

Her co-worker, Antwon Brown, feels her pain and the bitter cold.

"If you ain't got the proper attire on under here. Actually, you can get by running, your body can get warm but it does get real cold at times," added Antwon Brown.

The Hilton Cleveland Downtown is under construction next to the Convention Center. Workers there are dressed for the occasion but they still look cold as the man-up and brave the cold shoulder from mother nature.

Also, when traffic lights go out somebody has got to fix them, even in the blowing snow and frigid temperatures. Some workers were seen doing what they have to do, repairing a light.

For those of us warm and cozy inside who want a cold pop, somebody has got to deliver them.

And lets not forget about those who struggle to keep up with the snowfall, salting and shoveling as needed.

We knew it was coming, the hawk as it swirls through and around downtown.

"Yeah, it's alright. I've been doing it for a lot of years," saud Donald Dublin.

Just ask Donald Dublin who is hard at work shoveling the snow. Experience has taught him a few things about being out in dangerously cold temps.

"Gear up. Gear up. Two coats, couple of sweaters, three pairs of gloves. Go in and out get warm. We know what we've got to do, it's Cleveland," said Dublin.

Yes Clevelanders are a hardy bunch, dealing with the cold, we take that in stride with pride.

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