Winds turn light posts into beautiful ice sculptures

Winds turn light posts into beautiful ice sculptures

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - After a mild start to winter, the snow machine cranked up in the past week. Snow totals in some parts of Northeast Ohio now reach a foot, and more snow is on the way.

Snow alone has not been the only thing was have battled in the area, negative wind chills and whipping winds have also had a major impact on the area.

While the freezing temperatures and high winds might not feel pretty, it does make for some beautiful displays along the lake. Like this light post cover in ice along Lake Erie that the Cleveland Metroparks shared on Facebook.

As North-western winds roll in from Canada, they bring with them polar temperatures at high speeds, sending waves thrashing against our lakefront shorelines. As the waves crash against the rocks, they send slurries of water and ice against any structures standing in their way. Standing strong, coated in inches of ice, numerous lakefront light posts received the brunt of Lake Erie's most recent storm front. ~JK, Naturalist

Enjoy a walk around any of our beautiful lakefront areas on a winter day, and you just might find yourself privy to some of these unintentional ice sculptures.

Frigid scenes like this actually aren't unusual for this part of the country. Just last week, you may have seen a viral image of a car in Buffalo, NY, in similar dress.

So, how does this happen? Cold winds blow over Lake Erie from Canada, pushing waves against the shoreline. The spray from those waves is lofted into the air. It makes contact with cold surfaces. When it happens over and over again -- viola! A grill, a dock, railings, a car, even a road or sidewalk -- anything standing in the way is now covered in ice.

The next time you happen upon one of these frosty figures, snap a picture! We would love to see it. You can submit that photo on the Cleveland 19 First Alert Weather app or tweet us @cleveland19news.

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