KSU journalist surprised by ISIS allegations

KSU journalist surprised by ISIS allegations

KENT, OH (WOIO) - Students at Kent State University say that they knew that history Professor Julio Pino had a reputation for making controversial comments, but they never expected he would be at the center of an FBI investigation for having possible ties to ISIS. 

Emily Mills is the editor of the university's newspaper the Kent Stater. She says Tuesday afternoon FBI agents went to her parents' home, and contacted her to ask her questions about Pino because she has reported on him in the past. During the questioning Mills said the FBI told her they had been investigating Pino for about a year and a half for allegedly being involved with the Islamic State and trying to recruit students. 

"As soon as they told me they were looking to Professor Pino for alleged involvement with the Islamic State I knew there was a huge story there," said Mills.

Mills said she knew Pino had a history of making controversial statements at the university, and she feels he has a right to, but was also surprised by the claims. 

"That's a huge allegation and claim to make especially in Kent, Ohio, it's not like we get that news on a regular basis," said Mills. 

With the FBI's permission, Mills reached out to Pino for an interview and asked him if the allegations were true. 

"I did ask and he said he is not involved with the Islamic State he said he doesn't support them as an organization he said he's not actively involving students or anyone else to join," said Mills. 

Pino is teaching two history classes at Kent State this semester, but he was not on campus Wednesday.

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