Doctor warns of red flags when snow shoveling

Doctor warns of red flags when snow shoveling
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's not hard to hurt yourself when you're moving snow, and after the past few days, you may have some aches and pains, but which ones should raise a red flag?

It can be hard to tell, because of all of the twisting, turning, and lifting that snow shoveling involves, but Dr. Chris Tangen with University Hospitals says there are a couple of warning signs you should pay attention to.

"If the pain doesn't go away after a couple of days of stretching and strengthening and the last thing that is probably most worrisome is when pain does shoot down a leg or maybe shoot up the back a little bit," Dr Tangen explains.

Dr. Tangen says the worst back injury he's seen related to shoveling is a herniated disc.

He says if you shovel, and then have pain that doesn't seem to go away, or shoots up your back or leg see a doctor.

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