Browns introduce Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta

Browns introduce Paul DePodesta
Paul DePodesta being introduced (Source: WOIO)
Paul DePodesta being introduced (Source: WOIO)
Sashi Brown during press conference with DePodesta (Source: WOIO)
Sashi Brown during press conference with DePodesta (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns introduced Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta on Thursday. Browns Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown also spoke to media.

DePodesta comes over from Major League Baseball, recently with the New York Mets. DePodesta helped the Mets become National League Champions last season.

DePodesta acknowledged the skepticism of the transition from baseball to football, "I understand the skepticism. I'm hugely passionate about football we're going to go out and prove we belong," DePodesta said. "When I think about analytics, I think about it much more broadly than others do, to me it's not really about numbers or algorithm, for me it's really about a mind set and the mind sets about trying to use information to make better decisions. Especially in the face of uncertainty which is what all these professional sports are really about."

"I don't know how long it will take, but I'm confident in 12 month from now when we're sitting in this room, we will be a lot better, and hopefully 12 months after that we will be even better," DePodesta said on Thursday.

DePodesta stressed the fact that he is not just here solely as an analytics guy, he wants to help build this to a championship level franchise, and Sashi Brown believe he can do that.

The word "analytics" will be used a lot in Cleveland over the course of the next couple years. DePodesta has a background of success using analytics in baseball and the Browns are hoping to draw the same success.

Sashi Brown added that the team has hired a high performance director that they hope helps with soft tissue injuries, something that has plagued the Browns last season. In addition, the Browns will hire new strength and conditioning coaches.

Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement this week after serving his one year suspension. Brown was asked where he stood with Gordon, ""Josh has to, as I think you all are aware, he applied for reinstatement. He'll go through a protocol there and then if Josh is able to clear that and come back to the roster we would sit down with him and figure out where he is physically and mentally and move forward but prior to that, it would be premature for me to comment or determine how we might use him or think about him."

You can read the full transcript of the press conference here.

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