CLE restaurant's customers help people in Flint

CLE restaurant's customers help people in Flint
Water being sent to Flint, MI in the wake of the crisis. (Source: WOIO)
Water being sent to Flint, MI in the wake of the crisis. (Source: WOIO)

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Paul Liotta isn't dining at one of his favorite restaurants, instead he's bringing cases of water to help an important cause.
"Just saw what was going on in Michigan and thought it was a good idea to donate some water and love what they're doing here. Just thought
it would be a great idea to support it," says Paul Liotta.
Bubbas Q in Avon and the Al Baker family is teaming up with the founder of Random Acts of Kindness', Ricky Smith to help people in Flint
dealing with the water crisis. They're asking customers to donate bottles of water and money toward gas cards for the trip to Flint.
"It always starts with one person. So we wanted to take the first step and hopefully some people follow in our footsteps . We weren't
going to sit around and wait for everybody to take action so we went ahead and did it. We're getting a great turnout," explains General Manager James

Customers who come into the barbecue place are learning about the donations with this flyer tucked in their menu. It's Mark and Kathy
Jaffee's first time at the restaurant.
"I saw some videos of the water that they're drinking in Flint and it's downright nasty and it's really good that we have an opportunity
to do something about it," says Mark Jaffee.

"It's just awful. So what they're doing here is certainly going to help," explains Kathy Jaffee.

As for Paul he says it's about a community coming together to help our neighbors to the North dealing with a tough situation.
"If we had a problem here I think they would want to do the same," says Liotta.
Ricky Smith will make a the trip to Flint on Friday and then he plans on going back a week later to donate more supplies including gloves
and hats.

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