Ohio officials urge winter storm precautions for residents

Ohio officials urge winter storm precautions for residents

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - With a major winter storm possible in some areas this weekend, state officials are urging Ohioans to be prepared in case of potential power outages or snowed-in conditions.

Ohio's Department of Aging is urging precautions for older people who could be at increased risk during winter storms. Authorities suggest having an emergency kit that includes a flashlight, a battery-operated radio, food and water and other items. They advise having backup supplies of medications, too, and spare batteries or other backup power options for medical equipment and assistive devices.

They also ask people to check on elderly neighbors and relatives to be sure they're safe, in a warm place and have emergency contact information.

The state fire marshal is reminding people to take safety precautions when using space heaters and generators.

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