CLE Police: Still no arrests in downtown double homicide

CLE Police: Still no arrests in downtown double homicide
Two men shot and killed in downtown Cleveland. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The first of two victims shot and killed Thursday night in downtown Cleveland has been identified.

Rasheed Bandy, 35 of Cleveland, was shot in the head in an apartment in the Archer Apartment building on West 10th St., he later died at MetroHealth
Medical Center

The second man, 27, was found in a hallway with a gunshot wound to the lower back. He was pronounced dead on scene. His name has not been released.

Police are searching for two suspects. 

Cleveland police say two men entered the Archer apartments on W. 9th Street around 8:30 p.m. and shot the two men. Three other men were in the apartment at the time. They were not injured. 

CPD sources say a large amount of drugs were found at the scene.

The debate amongst those who work and live downtown on Friday seemed to be whether the crime was just a random occurrence, or if it was part of a bigger trend. 

Those walking in the Warehouse District, like Danny Tharp, were legitimately surprised to hear about the double homicide. 

"A double shooting in this building here? It's unheard of!" said Tharp. "It's unreal that people have to be scared of where they're going anywhere, especially around the country, and now in Cleveland, but the way things are going you don't know what's going to happen on a daily basis." 
Cleveland 19 looked at crime numbers downtown for this time in 2015.  Last year to date, there were no homicides downtown, nearly three hundred cases of theft or grand theft and about fifty robberies. 

 Those like Shane Chodak seemed to take the news more in stride.

"A little shocked but, you know, this is downtown Cleveland. It's gonna happen like any other city," said Chodak. "It's unfortunate but I don't think it's a trend or anything like that, just a little isolated incident." 

Cleveland 19 also spoke to the Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation. Thomas Starinsky, the associate director, said, "obviously it's a tragedy when anybody is hurt or unfortunately killed, but we are very happy that the Cleveland Police Department responded quickly and we have all the confidence in the world in the department."
He went on to address possible concerns about the Warehouse District not being a safe place to be. He said it seemed to be an "isolated incident, and it seemed to be more of a personal issue rather than an unsafe street situation."

The investigation is ongoing, Cleveland Police Department's spokesperson said on Friday officers were following up leads, and interviewing several other people who were in the building when the shooting happened.

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