Female pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint, 2nd incident this week

Female pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint, 2nd incident this week
Pizza delivery woman robbed near this home. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Pizza Hut delivery driver is the latest victim to be held at gunpoint and robbed. Kimberly Phillips, 21,  was delivering a pizza
on Grace Ave. just off of W. 73rd  when she was approached by the gunman. 

Police say Phillips was shaken but unharmed. Pizza Hut management refused to comment on the case instead directing questions to the corporate
communications staff which did not return our calls.
Detectives say the suspect got away with a pizza, a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi and $70 in cash. Police are on the case and say it's not
the only armed robbery investigation in this part of the city.
The woman who lives in the house where the pizza was to be delivered says she never ordered one. Like many of her neighbors she's worried
because there have been similar robberies, even one resulting in murder.
This latest pizza delivery robbery happened just a couple blocks away from Nunzio's Pizza on Lorain Ave. It's a restaurant which actually
lost one of it's drivers.   
Michael Prock was a part-time delivery driver for Nunzio's Pizza. He was 41 years old when he was shot and killed during a robbery
just a few blocks away from the pizza shop. Each time his family members hear of another armed robbery in Ohio City, they're forced to relive their own hurt and pain from seven months ago.  
"We still have no suspects. I talked to the detectives several times, they have no leads," said Sylvia Taylor, Prock's sister.

Detectives aren't just grasping for clues in Prock's case.  There was another pizza delivery driver robbed this past Monday.

A driver attempted to deliver a pizza to a home on Whitman near W. 39th when he was robbed, but luckily unhurt.

"You can't even order a pizza. You don't know if your pizza is going to come and your driver's going to get robbed and shot and killed," said Jennifer Scholz, Prock's cousin.
While Prock's family wait for justice they and police are asking for the public's help.
"Please say something, open your mouths," said Prock's sister, Melissa Fuentes.

 "Don't let other families go through what we're going through," added Taylor.
Anyone with information related to any of these robberies or the Prock Homicide can call the Cleveland Police Department.

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