VIDEO: LeBron James was caught off guard with firing of Blatt

LeBron James surprised by Blatt firing

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Cavaliers all-star LeBron James said he was surprised to hear about the firing of David Blatt.

"I think I was just as surprised and caught off guard as everyone else. It's unfortunate what happened yesterday. As a team we just have to focus on what's now and what's in front of us, with the coach we have now and we got to continue to get better," James said on Friday.

General Manager David Griffin named accociate head coach, Tyronn Lue as the new head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lue will be James' fifth head coach in his 12-year career, and his fourth head coach with the Cavs.

James was asked about people saying that the firing of Blatt wouldn't happen if it wasn't something that he wanted, "It's not my concern, I found out about it just like everyone on this team at 3:30 yesterday when Griff (David Griffin) called us in on our day off and told us he was making a change. He said you can 'like it, love it, but you're going to respect it, this is what I feel, where our team is today, it's a decision I'm making and that's it' for me, I can't get caught up in what other people think, I stopped that a long time ago in my career on what other people think about me or what I influence or what I don't. Only thing I can worry about is tonight and the team to get these guys prepared to playing better basketball, because obviously we know we can be much better and I know we can be much better."

James commented on David Griffin's remark that the team was not galvanized after wins and lacked unity, ""I think he was right on everything he said, obviously he sees it on the outside and the inside looking in, he's around us everyday. He felt like as good as we can be, we weren't reaching the potential to this point, so he made the change that he felt was appropriate for this team. Like it or love it or hate it, whatever you got to respect it, as professionals we got to get ready for the game."

James will play under his new head coach Ty Lue on Saturday when the Chicago Bulls come to town.

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