Blog: Canton Police Officer Davis selects new partner following shooting death of K9 Jethro

Blog: Canton Police Officer Davis selects new partner following shooting death of K9 Jethro
Officer Davis' new partner, K9 Tuko. (Source: WOIO)

HOUSTON (WOIO) - (All updates are Central Time Zone!!!)

Tuesday Jan. 26

1:32p - Officer Davis and K9 Tuko arrived back to Ohio this afternoon. The pair flew into Hopkins International Airport just after noon. This is the end of the search but a new beginning for Officer Davis, Tuko, and the Canton Police Department. This weekend has been an amazing experience and we thank our viewers for staying with us along this journey. Thank you for watching Cleveland 19, we hope you enjoyed our reports.

950a - Officer Davis and K9 Tuko boarded a plane at IAH to travel back to Ohio. United Airlines donated to flight for Officer Davis, his handler Dave Blousser and K9 Tuko.

652a - I, Sia Nyorkor, am here at Houston International Airport and have just cleared security with Officer Davis and K9s4cops. K9 Tuko has just arrived. We will have photos on the plane with Officer Davis and K9 Tuko here shortly as they prepare to fly back to Cleveland. Tuko and Officer Davis have an entire row to themselves in the cabin of the plane!!!

Monday Jan. 25 

517p -  Officer Davis has chosen K9 Tuko as his new partner.

435p - We are heading back to Houston K9 Academy where Officer Davis and K9s4Cops will announce the new K9 Partner. We are so excited.  ...I am on the edge of my seat.  My heart says he will take Tuko, because he is a smaller version of Jethro. BUT!!! I also like Joker because he is a legit powerhouse and is a breed that Officer Davis has not worked with before. What do u think???

353p - We are here at the Harris County Sheriff Department and Houston City Police department where Officer Davis has been told both departments are behind him and will be there for him if he ever needs anything. We have been told that Officer Davis will make his selection and announcement at 6pm CT/ 7pm ET. Officer Davis is now touring the jail.

3p.m. We are on our way to the Harris County Sheriff's Department, where the sheriff will meet with officer Davis and give him a tour of the jail. We now discovered Davis has a favorite K9, however, his trainer does, too, and it's not the same dog. Who will he pick? We should know very soon.

1237p  It's been a crazy afternoon so far. Media from all over is down here now. We were able to get behind the scenes this morning with Officer Davis working the dogs at the Houston K9 Academy. All three dogs came out and Officer Davis told us there is starting to be some separation between the dogs and it is starting to get clearer to him. He needs to take them off site for a bit then sit down with the CPD animal trainer and have  a conversation . Officer Davis said he promised his 14 year old daughter that she would be the first to know.

856a- Good morning!  I hope you are all as excited as we are for Officer Davis today. He will spend some this morning off site working with each dog one on one before making his selection today. I honestly don't know which dog he will select. Officer Davis says he's looking for a "street" dog. Here are his potential partners with code names to protect their identities. They are all from Hungary:

  • K9 Joker, a male Belgian Malinois
  • K9 Tuko, a male German Shepherd
  • K9 Cenzo, a Malaherd

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Sunday January 24, 2016

4:26p - Officer Davis is now out of the field. He tells me they are all good dogs and they all have great qualities. None of the dogs have been eliminated at this point. He is doing a walk and talk with the trainers now but he is done with the dogs for the day.  We will be back tomorrow with the final day of viewing for Officer Davis' new K9 partner. Don't forget to follow us Twitter @TVNewsLady and @cassienist starting tomorrow morning as we continue to follow Officer Davis through the selection process.

3:18p -  Officer Ryan Davis has arrived to the Houston K9 Academy. He was overwhelmed with all the support he has received and took a moment to talk to us about this moment. He told us it's "bittersweet" and that he was a little nervous, anxious, excited. He says he is looking for an overall street dogs and thanks everyone for the support.... says it's been "unbelievable" and he wasn't able to emotionally prepare for this day. He is headed out to the training field to view the candidates. Check out our video on Facebook and Twitter....follow @TVNewsLady for the latest!

230p - We are hard at working getting stories ready for the CBS Evening News kicker and Cleveland 19 late news!!! Follow us on Twitter @TVNewsLady and @cassienist  We are waiting for Officer Davis to arrive here to the Houston K9 Academy to check out the three candidates we've shown you this afternoon. JUST REMEMBER....these dogs are using code names. The dog's real name will be revealed when Officer Davis tells us!! Major thanks to K9s4Cops and the Houston K9 Academy for hosting us this weekend. Such a great story and wonderful organizations!

130p - K9 Tuko is out of the kennel now. Man is he HUGE!!! This dog looks so fierce. He also looks so much like K9 Jethro. I think that Officer Davis may get pretty emotional when he sees this animal. I know I did. K9 Tuko ran the suspect shots fired drill... where the K9 training suspect fired a blank shot into the air. K9 Tuko was on point, jumping over a stack of tires and dragging his suspect around the corner...this dog is the REAL DEAL!! Check him out on our Facebook and Twitter page.

1p - K9 Joker is out in the training field with us now....and he is NO JOKE! This dog is on point. He was awesome in his runaway/suspect fleeing drill. The trainer/suspect in the bite suit didn't get far away very quickly! This video is on Facebook and Twitter so you can check him out as well!! Just amazing to see these guys in action. I am standing there thinking to myself "I hope he doesn't move his focus towards us girls with the cameras!!"

12:30p - K9 Cenzo just came out and ran a clinic on how to jump through a car window and drag a suspect out. Amazing dog!!!! He did the run about 4 times and the 4th time he was so fast!!!! We posted this clip on Facebook and Twitter so you can see him action! @TVNewsLady and @cassienist

12:09p - Hanging at the Houston K9 Academy with Yaz (owner) ready to see the candidates in action and for Officer Davis to arrive!!!

8am - Good morning! Sia and I are up and ready to get down and dirty with the canine candidates today. K9s4Cops will pick us up here in a little bit and take us over to the Houston K9 Academy where the three dogs will showcase their skills for us. Officer Davis will arrive this afternoon and spend some quality time with each animal. We will check back in here in a little bit and look for the story on-air tonight at 9p and 11p.

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Saturday January 23, 2016

830p - Web story is up and we hit social media and introduced the three candidates. Dinner now with K9s4Cops then off to bed.

130p - WOW! We are here at The Houston K9 Academy and they mean business when it comes to selecting and training their canines. The majority of their dogs are from Hungary, Germany, Romania, Czechoslovakia and other parts of Europe. The animals cost between $10,000-$15,000. They eat raw diets of raw chicken before they come back to the U.S. and then switch to dry food when they hit U.S. land. Owner and trainer at Houston's K9 Academy, Yaz Stanze came out with K9 Cenzo and started yelling commands in a foreign language. I asked her what language she was speaking and she said German. Apparently this is the language the dog understands, so Officer Davis will need to learn German if he selects this dog. The other two, K9 Tuko and Joker speak Hungarian. That's so funny to me. It was a great afternoon with the organization. Lots of interview to log and we will get a big web story up tonight at 8pm.

10:30a - Houston, we have arrived!!!! But we have a problem. Our rental car was booked at the OTHER airport. No worries! We are mobile now and on our way to our hotel to get our equipment ready and wait for K9s4Cops to pick us up here in a little bit to go and meet some trainers and the dogs.

8AM - We are on the plane and ready to head south to Houston, TX where we will meet up with K9s4Cops and The Houston K9 Academy

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