Monster storm could affect grocery store shelves in NE Ohio

Monster storm could affect grocery store shelves in NE Ohio

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - On Sunday, some shelves at an East side area grocery store looked empty.  A shopper at that store was told that deliveries were delayed because of the monster east coast storm that prevented trucks from getting through.

The storm that pounded New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Virginia, left people there scrambling for supplies.  Jerald Solomon has friends who live in Richmond, Virginia.
"They said that most of the stores are, of course, empty.  All of the shelves where bread, milk - all of that type of milk was gone Friday, Thursday afternoon," said Solomon.  
At Dave's Supermarket on Payne in Cleveland, shelves are fully stocked. The storm has had no impact on inventory - at least not yet.
"It's premature, but from the rumors that I hear that we are going to have some problems for the stuff coming in from that area.  We'll know more tomorrow," said Burt Saltzman, an owner of Dave's Supermarket, "It might be some meat items. It's hard to tell.  We just hope that everything will be okay.  We think there might be some problems."

For now, Clevelanders seem to be reveling in the fact that for once, we're not the ones digging out.  Instead, Sam Spain is hosting a barbecue.
In Cleveland, it's never too cold to barbecue.  I have been watching the news all over the country.  But I feel like today, I gotta get out there and barbecue," said Spain.

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