'Bring Johnny 2 Dallas' petition surpasses 4,000 signatures

'Bring Johnny 2 Dallas' petition surpasses 4,000 signatures

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It appears some Dallas Cowboys fans want their team to go for Texas native and current Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Since the website went live on January 14, www.BringJohnny2Dallas.com has over 4,000 signatures.

With the Browns turning to a new regime, it appears Manziel's days are numbered as a Brown. Plenty of off the field issues have surfaced in his first two seasons, leaving man analyst to believe this could be the end for Manziel in Cleveland.

In the 2015-16 season, the Dallas Cowboys went 4-12 after 35-year-old quarterback Tony Romo went down with multiple collarbone injuries. The Cowboys had a glaring hole at quarterback when Romo went down.

Here is what some Cowboys fans are saying on the BringJohnny2Dallas website.

Maxwell says: "Jerry? You wanna sell tickets.. you know what to do.. bring johnny football home!"

David says: "I lived in College Station via Bryan on Finfeather/Agronomy for four years either watching the games or listening to Dave South on the radio and those games are still stuck in my memory. I quit watching the Boyz and NFL in general when Jones fired Landry. If JJ goes and gets JM I'll definitely watch every Boyz game JM plays in. Nuff said."

Jerry said: "Jerry doesn't just want to sell ticket. He wants a ring. Johnny won't deliver. Sorry. Just character alone says he doesn't have the maturity to grow."

The site is also selling "Bring Johnny 2 Dallas" tee shirts.

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