VIDEO: Kevin Love talks about former team and new tempo

Kevin Love on playing former team

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love talked to media about playing against his former team, the Minnesota Timberwolves and if it will ever become "just another game."

"Yeah I think it will, I got asked a bit, I been asked about Portland a number of times going home, that has definitely become another game playing in the Western Conference, we would go home, at least home for me where I grew up, to see them twice and now I guess I can pick that apart by saying how many tickets I get that night, it's gone from 30-40 to about 8-10. So I think it will take a little bit for it to become another game just because it's relatively fresh, it's been a year and a half now, eventually it will," Love said on Monday.

Love spent his first six seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Love was also asked if he noticed a difference in practice/shoot around with tempo, "We were getting up and down a lot more yesterday. Coach Lue mentioned after the game Saturday we probably need to get in better shape. That's kind of how the practice went for us throughout our sets, put some new stuff and just kind of reconvene and want to set the tone moving forward," Love replied. The Cavaliers lost to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night in Tyronn Lue's first game as a head coach.

The Cavaliers will take on the Timberwolves on Monday night, looking to get Tyronn Lue his first win as a head coach.

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