Red Cross in desperate need of blood donations

Red Cross in need of blood donations. (Source: WOIO)
Red Cross in need of blood donations. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The storm that dumped several feet of snow on the east coast over the weekend is having a ripple effect on the Red Cross. Blood donations
are way down nationwide but the need is way up. They're calling it an emergency situation.
"Since January first more than three hundred blood drives have been canceled because of inclement weather  and this weekend was just
the caper," says Jim McIntyre.
Red Cross Regional Manager of Communications, Jim McIntyre says during the winter months blood donors tend to decrease but, when the weather takes an even worse turn it depletes an already low supply making it even more critical for people who can to donate.

"Those of us who can see the pavement when we drive as opposed to those poor folks out along the eastern seaboard have almost a duty
to donate blood if we are able to," explains McIntyre.

And if you think you don't need to worry about blood McIntyre says think again. You could unexpectedly end up with an emergency
visit to the hospital requiring blood.
"The Red Cross has collected 14,000 units of blood every day in order to supply twenty six hundred hospitals who rely on us across
the country.
That's an enormous amount of blood," says McIntyre.
You can donate every 56 days.

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