5-year-old has 13 brain surgeries, but babysitter abuser remains free

5-year-old has 13 brain surgeries, but babysitter abuser remains free

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Many of you are familiar with Mikey Reece who's now 5-years-old.

Reporter Scott Taylor has been following his story for almost a year.  His dad's girlfriend is accused of beating the little boy while she was babysitting.

This month Crystal Anderson admitted to endangering children and domestic violence charges. She got a plea deal and has been out of jail since the attack after posting just $2,000.

She has now been convicted but is still out of jail until her sentencing next month. Mikey has had 13 brain surgeries.

Angel Flores Reece, the mother of Mikey says, "She deserves being in jail. We have been in jail. This is a living nightmare to see this little boy go through surgery after surgery."

The court's victim's advocate told mom that Crystal Anderson cried in front of the judge on Jan. 19, and asked if she could stay out of jail until her sentencing on Feb. 16 because her mother had died.

A quick google search shows Anderson's mom was buried three days earlier, before Anderson went in front of the Judge for her plea deal.

Angel Flores Reece says, "The Judge allowed it after he said she would be locked up. I just feel like when is somebody going to feel sorry for him?"

That had us asking, how this happened?

Cuyahoga County Judge Daniel Gaul said he can't comment on an active case but the court did say Anderson appeared at all her hearings and she is on house arrest with a GPS monitoring bracelet.

 "Do you think the Judge is aware of what Mikey is going thru?" asked Scott Taylor.

"I honestly don't. I think he has never looked at my son," answered Angel Flores Reece.

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