Sebring mom says 2-year-old tested positive for lead

Sebring mom says 2-year-old tested positive for lead

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Schools in the Village of Sebring were closed again on Tuesday. That after lead was found in the water in a water fountain at the high school.

Sarah was at Monday's council meeting. She's angry, her 2-year-old son has tested positive for lead

"He wasn't eating paint, it had to come from the water," said Sarah.

The mayor said you can't blame the water yet, for Sarah's son.

"We are investigating this water problem, and if you want your water tested we will do that," said Mayor Michael Pinkerton.

The mayor said city council found out about the problem four days ago. But the city manager, has known the EPA has been investigating since last summer.

On the EPA's website it says the village failed to properly notify their customers. Sebring's Superintendent of Water has been suspended.

One resident said he learned on YouTube that the Sebring water tested positive for lead back in August. Forty samples were tested, and seven came back positive.

So far the water plant or the distribution plant have no lead coming out of the water. But bottles of water being shipped to the high school, a packed city council and residents wanting to know why they weren't told about lead in the water is bad for city council.

Another resident says, "there is a lack of communication here and the city manager is to blame."

The schools were tested again on Monday and results are expected back Tuesday morning. They will make a decision on reopening after the results.

Until then, the school district will continue to use calamity days.

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