'Why I won't write emails like a man' blog gaining traction

"Just Not Sorry" app leads to Cleveland blog

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Amy Martin is a one of the top dogs at Jump Start, a Cleveland organization that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses. She was browsing online Tuesday during a quick lunch break and says she was bothered by what she saw.
"When I started reading some of the articles from the app creators I realized that this was really focused on women helping women write emails more like men and it was pretty shocking to me," says Amy Martin.
A google chrome app called "Just Not Sorry" caught her attention. The goal of the app, designed by a woman is to help people write stronger more impactful emails. The app underlines what they call weaker terms words like "sorry" and "just."
"I never manage my team by saying don't use that word. I think you need to communicate what is authentic to you and if saying sorry or I'm stepping on someone's toes or I'm being a little bolder, if that's considered weaker then I'll be considered weak," explains Martin.
Martin responded to the app by writing a blog on LinkedIn titled " Why I won't write emails like a man." Not realizing that her words would be all a buzz. In less than 24 hours the blog generated nearly 70,000 views, 1600 likes and more than 300 comments, some not so nice. Martin says she's glad it's sparking conversation.

"My issue was not with how men communicate or how women communicate. It's that we should be communicating differently and that's what brings the power to having men and women in an organization is that we think very differently," says Martin.
Martin has personally responded to more than half of the hundreds of comments she received. Her blog was featured on LinkedIn as an editor's pic.

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