ARREST: Teen accused in death of stepfather caught at Marion McDonald's

ARREST: Teen accused in death of stepfather caught at Marion McDonald's

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Their hunch was right, a 17-year-old who went missing from Applewood Centers in Cleveland Tuesday evening is back in custody.

Ashley Smith was caught Thursday at a McDonald's in Marion, OH.

Smith was last seen two days ago around 6:55 p.m.

When first reported missing, police concentrated their search on Ashley's hometown of Marion.

Smith is an accomplice in the death of her stepfather. She was sent to the Department of Youth Services on aggravated murder charges in August 2014. She was serving a 5 year sentence for complicity.

Back in 2012 she was convicted along with four adults in planning and carrying out the murder of her 61-year-old step father Allan Brown.

Cleveland 19 News wants to know, with two guards watching her, how did she escape? Ashley was taking a Zumba class inside the Rec Center and ran out the door. Her two guards ran after her but couldn't keep up and she vanished.

So why are locked up teenage criminals taking Zumba at a City Rec Center? So far City Officials haven't gotten back to us.

Details of her arrest have not been revealed. The State of Ohio has started a probe into how the teen escaped and what policies need to be improved to prevent any more incidents.

Applewood Centers is a private, non-profit agency provides mental health services to families and adolescents.

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