Another NE Ohio school taking precautions when it comes to lead

Another NE Ohio school taking precautions when it comes to lead

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (WOIO) - Gurney Elementary students are being told 'don't drink the water' at school.

The Chagrin Falls School Superintendent says it's a precaution after an alert by the EPA, an online post that the district apparently wasn't told about.
Superintendent Robert Hunt says he was caught by surprise.
"I was obviously taken aback because it's contrary to what we've been told," says Superintendent Hunt.
A startling alert online by the EPA, specific to Gurney Elementary, warning that children and pregnant women should use filtered or bottled water to prevent lead contamination.
"We were not aware of it, the statement does not align with action be were told to take as a school district," says Hunt.

The school had issues in August. PH levels from low use in the summer affected copper pipes and ultimately lead levels. Two of ten tests showed high levels. PH treatment was adjusted from powder to a more efficient liquid form and, by November, Hunt says test showed Gurney was in the clear:
"The last communication we had from the EPA was that one, we didn't have to continue testing, we have that documented and two, the water was fine moving forward," add Hunt.
A week ago the EPA conducted another round of tests. Results are expected February 3rd, but as a precaution the district has shut down drinking fountains and the school will use bottled water only for students and staff.

"There's no indication lead levels now are higher than they should be," says Hunt.
Parents we spoke to d ropping kids off this morning say they are not concerned and are happy with the way the district is handling the situation.

"They've always been open about it. Everyone knows so no concerns at all," says Jeff Kay.
"No, not concerned. I usually give my daughter her own water bottle," says Alexis Marshall.
The water at Gurney comes from a well. Other schools in the district are on city water so the issue is focused at the elementary building.
Cleveland 19 has calls into the EPA for comment. We're still waiting on a call back.

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