Z Files: Senior Bowl Splash

Z Files: Senior Bowl Splash

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There were two guys who made a very strong impression during Senior Bowl workouts this week. One very familiar face, and one unknown, and both should now be on the Browns' radar.

Let's start with the familiar face. Braxton Miller showed during drills that he's NFL-ready as a receiver. Now, drills are one thing, games are another, and as Buckeyes beat writer Doug Lesmerises pointed out in Cleveland.com this week, Miller disappeared down the stretch this past season, racking up a total of 58 yards of offense in Ohio State's final four games. But while some of that may be on him, some of it's on the coaches, who failed to utilize Miller's skill set. NFL scouts and executives who've watched him in Mobile, Alabama this week seem to have no doubt that Miller can play at the next level. Some are even projecting him as a late first-round pick. It hasn't hurt that the top underclassmen receivers can't be on hand to show of their talents, but that doesn't take away from the impression that Miller has made.

The unknown? Carson Wentz, the quarterback out of North Dakota State, who's no longer a mystery, at least not to the scouts, or the man who runs the Senior Bowl, former Browns general manager Phil Savage. Savage opened the week by claiming that Wentz could be a top-10 draft pick, and since then, speculation has grown that the Browns could take him second overall. A 6'5 quarterback with all the tools sounds good to me, regardless of what school he's coming from, and while Wentz also benefited from the fact that the underclassmen weren't there (Cardale, anyone?), this much we know: he has shot up the charts.

Hue Jackson admitted that he was impressed by Wentz. But the Browns certainly aren't done doing their homework, and it would be tough to pass over Cal quarterback Jared Goff, but one executive was quoted as saying if the Browns go with Wentz, they'd be set for the next 15 years.

Strong words, that follow strong performances by two players. One you know well. The other, you may want to brush up on.

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