On The Mark: Nearly curtains for Manziel

On the Mark (Source: WOIO)
On the Mark (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We're getting there, folks. We are almost there. We are almost done hearing about Johnny Manziel. He seems to show up on a weekly basis in your social media feeds doing something stupid. Soon this will stop.
The Stupid Adventures of Johnny Manziel can come from anywhere. A cocktail waitress in Vegas. A liquor store deep in the heart of Texas, or this time, from the Fort Worth PD, and maybe Dallas too. After being called to his ex-girlfriend's apartment to investigate a possible assault, police could not locate Manziel to talk with him. Naturally, a police helicopter was deployed to find him. Because, what's a Friday night out for Manziel without being in the spotlight. So what if it comes from a cop-chopper way up in the sky. A spotlight is a spotlight, right?
In all seriousness, we do not know what happened that night and a possible assault should be investigated thoroughly. If it happened, it should be prosecuted thoroughly. In the meantime, Cleveland will just sit here and roll our eyes at Manziel's latest bit of idiocy. I don't even know what happened, but I'm comfortable calling it idiocy. When was the last time a police helicopter went looking for a responsible individual?
When will the Browns cut him? I don't know. Nobody knows the exact hour or day, but it has to be coming. Forget about that long rumored interest form Dallas. There is no way they would give up something for him now, he adds more baggage all the time! And this latest situation could be very serious if charges are pressed.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Soon you won't have to care, and likely no other fan base will. Who in their right mind would want to attach their football team to Johnny Manziel?
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