Dragon found abandoned in woods in Barberton

Dragon found abandoned in woods in Barberton

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - A bearded dragon was found in a wooded area in the back of a home in Barberton on Monday.

He is now the new rescue animal at Pawsibilities.

"You assume it's going to be a dog or cat, to our surprise we came to find a bearded dragon," said Shannon O'Herron with Pawsibilities-Humane Society of Greater Akron.

Officer O'Herron brought in the dragon after he was discovered outside on his own. 

"Had he not been found as quickly as he was I don't think he would have survived," O'Herron said.

Now he's in recovery mode and in the good hands of Andrea Kohut, a reptile foster mom.

"I think cute is a subjective term and I find these guys adorable," said Kohut.

It appears his former owner might have just let him go in the wilds of Ohio. 

After a little liquid food from a syringe and a bath, he's feeling more like a normal bearded dragon.

"Ohio, regardless of anytime of the year, would not be a suitable time of year for him.  He would of actually slipped away overnight if he wasn't found as quick as he was," said Andrea Kohut.

Bearded dragons are a popular pet lizard in the United States. They originate from Australia and started to be a hit in pet stores in the 1990s.

Kohut has already named him and said, "His name is Kilo Ren. He is older. I would say around 6 or 7 years old."

He's no longer up for adoption. He was quickly snatched up at Pawsibilites and is headed for his next adventure, this time inside at a new home.

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