62 prisoners go AWOL, 1 escape from CLE Correctional Facility in year

62 prisoners go AWOL, 1 escape from CLE Correctional Facility in year

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A manhunt is underway after two inmates escaped from the Judge Nancy R. McDonnell Community Based Correctional Facility in Cleveland.

Authorities said Lavelle Tucker and Tyshawn Shepherd smashed out a window using a pool ball and took off on Jan. 31.

Police said they smuggled the ball into their room from the recreation center.

Shepherd was serving time for receiving stolen property and Tucker was locked up at the minimum security facility on a drug charge.

More than 60 minimum-security prisoners who were given passes to go into our city for privileges like work, never came back to the McDonnell Correctional Facility last year. There was one escape and 62 AWOLS.

If you break it down, that means every six days at least one person escapes. Now this year so far, two escapes and three AWOLS which means in about three days there should be someone else turning up missing at the facility in Cleveland.

Officials with Oriana House who run the facility tell us they don't know how many criminals were re-captured. 

The State of Ohio owns the facility and Cuyahoga County manages it.

This isn't a new problem, I discovered the facility opened in 2010 and in the first 5 months, there were six escapes.

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