Z Files: Next stop for Johnny?

Z Files: Next stop for Johnny?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With Johnny Manziel's days in Cleveland numbered, the former Heisman winner and first-round pick is already thinking about his next landing spot, reportedly telling people that the Cowboys, Chiefs and Rams all have interest.

ESPN's Ed Werder immediately squashed at least part of that theory on Tuesday, tweeting that the Chiefs have no interest, and the Rams did during the 2014 Draft, but the Cowboys? They remain the most intriguing and logical option for the Texas native, especially with Jerry Jones, no stranger to harboring troubled but talented players, still running the show.

I talked with Bill Jones, the Sports Director for the CBS-TV affiliate in Dallas on Tuesday night. Jones had tweeted out an informal poll, asking Cowboys fans if they want Manziel or not.The results? "76% of Cowboys fans are saying 'Jerry, please NO!'. After all that's happened, 24% of fans here don't want him."

This much we also know. Nothing will top Johnny's two-year run with the Browns, in terms of drama. Nothing can. He can't possibly last that long in the NFL.

It all started on Draft night, with Johnny texting the Browns, asking them to take him, and promising to 'wreck this league'. Then 22 picks in, they did, and Money Manziel strutted on-stage. That would kick off a two-year run of photo ops, from champagne on a swan to money phones to poor play to missed meetings to rehab, to the 2015 season and more of the same.

Johnny's antics helped run one regime out of Berea. The new, wiser regime isn't about to allow him to do the same to them. So Manziel may get another shot someplace else. It will cost the next team nothing to give him a shot. If only the Browns could say the same. But at this point, the real value is in cutting him loose, even if you get nothing in return.

Come March, Johnny's moving on. He opened 2016 with an alcohol-fueled Tour of Texas. Only time will tell if he'll stay there.

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