North Olmsted wants homeowner to tear down front-yard fence

North Olmsted wants homeowner to tear down front-yard fence

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - "When I first built it I was unaware that there was any kind of city codes against that," said North Olmsted resident Caleb Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is at odds with North Olmsted.

The city sent Zimmerman a letter telling him to tear down this fence in his front yard but Zimmerman says he has tried to reason with the city.

"We've had a few incidences. There were three in just the last six months where cars have come off the road and entered our yard and I guess we're kinda worried about one coming through the house or when we're out there working maybe striking us," said Zimmerman.

That's one reason Zimmerman says he built the fence. Here's reason No. 2 , it's a bit more vague.

"We have a doctor's note pretty much saying there's a person with a medical disability living here and that having the fence up, it really helps him with that condition," added Zimmerman.

Zimmerman wouldn't tell North Olmsted City Hall nor Cleveland 19 who has the medical condition or what that medical condition is.

Michael Gareau, Jr. is the Director of Law for North Olmsted.

"We do have a code that limits front yard fencing to 30-inches," Michael Gareau, Jr. said.

Zimmerman admits the fence exceeds 30 inches saying,"The mound, we built it 2-feet tall, the fence is another 5 feet on top of that."

Gareau says as it stands right now, it would come down because it violates city code.

"The board has reviewed it and determined it does not sufficiently warrant a variance," said Gareau, Jr.

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