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Cleveland Heights woman missing her service dog

Missing service dog Ducati. (Source: Family) Missing service dog Ducati. (Source: Family)
Cleveland Heights family is missing their service dog Ducati. (Source: Family) Cleveland Heights family is missing their service dog Ducati. (Source: Family)

A Cleveland Heights woman is missing her dog but Ducati isn't just any ordinary dog. 

Ducati is an “ESA” service dog.

Without her, Jodie believes her health could be at risk.

She says she's done everything possible to lure her dog back home.

"I put stuff with her scent and my scent outside so that way she can smell it and come back," says Jodie.

Three-year-old Ducati has been missing since Friday after someone left her cage unlocked. Jodie says it's imperative she find her.

“Ducati is my emotional stability animal, my ESA animal, that's why she's my service dog and it's for anxiety and depression and like other functions so I don't take medication," she said.

It's the first time the dog's ever run away, they've been inseparable.

“I can't go to the bathroom alone, so for her to just not come back and not wander around the neighborhood trying to find her way back, it's just really weird," she says.

She fears for their well-being.

“Are you nervous that if you don't find Ducati you'll have to get on medication?"  asks Cleveland 19 News reporter Sia Nyorkor
“Yes, it's just been really hard," she answers.

Jodie and her friends have searched everywhere for dog, even plastering posters and signs on social media.

She's hoping Ducati comes home soon.

"My birthday is in a couple of days, that's all I want for my birthday," she said.
Ducati is a German Shepherd mix with gold fur and gold eyes. She has a white spot on her belly. She weighs between 40-45 lbs and was last seen wearing a pink collar with the name Stella on it.

Jodie says she's skittish and may run away. She was last seen off Cleveland Heights Boulevard.

If you know about her whereabouts, call Cleveland Heights police: 216) 291-4987 or email,

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