Head of powerful Brook Park Council committee has personal financial issues

Head of powerful Brook Park Council committee has personal financial issues

BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - Newly elected Brook Park councilwoman Julie McCormick was recently appointed chairwoman of the important city finance committee by Council president Jim Astorino.

But we've uncovered questions about her ability to handle her own finances.

Certified court records show she was hit with a drivers license forfeiture from Brook Park Mayors Court after she didn't pay the fine for a ticket. She didn't pay it for months. It was for a stop sign violation and having expired plates. The ticket is dated May 21st 2015. Court records also say that because she ignored the ticket and didn't pay the fine her license was forfeited in June. The fine was just recently paid after word of the ticket spread.

Was she driving?

Outside council chambers a week ago we watched as another Councilwoman dropped her off.

This Tuesday night before council she was driving. Her driving privileges had been restored. No harm no foul.

But there are other, more serious questions. She has unpaid property taxes. Court records show Councilwoman McCormick owes more than $6,500 in back property taxes.

At Council on Tuesday she said, "We're on a payment plan and it's being taken care of."

She was vague when questioned about her financial instability, and seemed somewhat unconcerned telling us, "That is a minimal amount that is actually even due. More of a paperwork issue at this point."

Remember, she is chairwoman of the finance committee which oversees a multimillion dollar budget.

Her final comment was, "I don't think it has any ability, it doesn't effect my ability to do the job."

Some would disagree.

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