Public never alerted after 2 men escape correctional facility

Breakouts at CLE correctional facility
Tyshawn Shepherd. (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriff)
Tyshawn Shepherd. (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriff)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 was the first to tell you about 32-year-old Lavelle Tucker and 24-year-old Tyshawn Shepherd's escape from the Nancy R. McDonnell Community Based Correctional Facility through a window earlier this week. 

Tucker was convicted of heroin possession and Shepherd was busted after being caught with a car stolen from the Cleveland Clinic.

Our Scott Taylor got a tip about the escape, but not from the facility which is run by the non-profit Oriana House.  They never alert the public convicted felons are on the loose.     

We wanted to know why.

"The protocols are to notify probation and court. Then the court and probation take it from there and that's how the notification goes," said Bernard Rochford from the facility.

Tuesday night we asked the facility to provide pictures of the men so we could alert you. Officials said they didn't have pictures. A day later we found out they did.   

Turns out, they're public record, but Anne Connell-Freund with Oriana House said, "We do have pictures of those but the files we have are not public record."

The men's mugshots who escaped are public record, but Cleveland 19 had to wait until the next morning to show them to our viewers, after obtaining them through the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office.

That's not all. After 30 days, clients are given a pass to find a job or visit relatives. In the past 13 months, 65 of them never came back. Oriana House calls that a successful record.

We asked officials if they alert victims that their offenders escaped from the facility. 
"That's something the court would have to do because a lot of times we are not aware of the victim and we are not aware of a requirement of notification," said Connell-Freund.

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