No issues with Lorain water quality

No issues with Lorain water quality
Lorain water. (Source:
Lorain water. (Source: Councilman Angel Arroyo)
Lorain water. (Source: Councilman Angel Arroyo)

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Water in one south Lorain neighborhood reportedly looked cloudy and smelled funny, so Cleveland 19 went door-to-door with one city councilman to try to figure out what was going on.

Councilman Angel Arroyo told Cleveland 19 he received more than a dozen calls about the water in one south Lorain neighborhood, specifically those who live on Homewood Dr. He said complaints said the water was cloudy or milky looking, and sometimes smelled.

When Cleveland 19 asked Arroyo if he felt safe drinking the water he said, "I personally feel OK with it."

But, he said, especially now, you can't be too careful.

"I don't want people in my community to have any concern," said Arroyo.

Cleveland 19 saw the city's online water data that lists lead as undetectable and every other contaminant as within normal ranges, but also tested the questionable water with a home test kit purchased at a local hardware store.

The store test also showed everything was within normal limits, which is obviously not as sensitive as a professional test.

The city's utilities director, Mary Ivan-Garza, spoke on the phone to Cleveland 19 Thursday afternoon. She said that the milky water was likely from a routine phenomenon that happens during the winter. The city draws its water from Lake Erie, which gets colder in the winter. Water can hold more oxygen when it's cold, so when the colder water originating from thee lake comes into a home and warms up, the oxygen escapes into the air and the tiny bubbles make the clear water appear milky for a period of time.

Ivan-Garza said the city has been out to the south Lorain neighborhood, where they had received complaints, to flush out several water lines. She said the water is safe, and anyone with any concerns about it should contact the city's water distribution department from 7 am to 3 pm at 440-204-2285, or after hours at 440-204-2280.

"The water is safe, from what we know, so there's no need to be that concerned, but if you do have concerns to please reach out and we'll take care of it," Arroyo said. He also said people could contact him via Facebook or email at if they're concerned about their water.

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