New life saving equipment for local fire department

New life saving equipment for local fire department

WILLOUGHBY HILLS, OH (WOIO) - Willoughby Hills firefighters were out on a carbon monoxide call Thursday evening. They're hoping it's nothing serious, but, crews are prepared for just about anything.
And now crews have a tool that helps make their jobs easier, especially in an emergency situation.

This power cot loading system operates with a cordless drill battery that's run by a hydraulic system. So it does all the heavy lifting for crews unlike the traditional cots that made their job more difficult. 

"Typically loading a patient you're on your hands. You're doing a lot of bicep work. You're getting the patient in and twisting and pushing them into the back of the ambulance, and this kind of does it all for you," says Dan Clayton.
Willoughby Hills Fire Department recently received a 40,000 gr ant from the Bureau of Workers Compensation, which helped cover 75% of the cost for one cot and another entire loading system.
They had to come up with 13,000. Money well spent crews say to make patients and workers much safer.
"The department ages people's backs start to hurt a lot more. So we looked into something that could prevent some of those back injuries," says Clayton.

The power cots also have the defibrillator and cardiac monitor machine attached to it. so crews don't have carry the extra 20 lbs. around. The cot itself now holds up to 700 pounds.
"How much easier is that. A lot easier because we're keeping it mounted to the cot system along with the oxygen tank," says Clayton.
A new device is a new way to help out on calls and keep crews out on the job.

"So yeah I think it's going to help reduce the number of back injuries in the long run and that's what we're all about retiring happy and
 healthy," says Clayton.
Ohio is one of the first states to start this type of gr ant. Departments can only apply for it once a year.

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