Carl Monday investigates HGH in NFL

Carl Monday investigates HGH in NFL
Dr. Anthony Galea (Source WOIO)
Dr. Anthony Galea (Source WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Recent allegations have Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, mired in controversy over a report that he used Human Growth Hormone, a substance banned by the NFL.  But in 2010, Cleveland 19's Chief Investigator, Carl Monday, introduced you to an NFL insider who told us about two star Browns players who were patients of a controversial Canadian doctor.

Dr. Anthony Galea has since pleaded guilty to smuggling HGH into the United States. When pressed by Monday on how he knew the Browns players were involved, Monday's source said, "Because the doctor came to Cleveland to prescribe them (doctor personally came to the facility?) Yes."
Galea went to prison and those Browns players have since left the team.  But concerns over HGH use in the NFL remain.  The league is now investigating reports that HGH from an Indianapolis clinic was delivered to the home of Peyton Manning.  Manning denies the allegations.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says they're taking the allegations seriously, not only concerning Peyton Manning, but what many says is the explosion of HGH use throughout the NFL.
Cleveland attorney Ari Sherwin is a former Olympic weightlifting champion and currently sits on the Board of USA Weightlifting.    He says, "The dangers involved with using Human Growth Hormone range from increased instances of diabetes, cardio vascular disease."  Sherwin estimates half of all NFL players are using the banned substance to grow bigger and faster.
Sherwin said, "If you look at raw numbers, Super Bowl - 50 years ago, there was not one player on the roster who weighed over 260 pounds.  Sunday's  Super Bowl, you'll see over 20 players weighing over 300 pounds."
The league does test for HGH, but the testing method will only catch a player who used in the last day or two.  "If you know how the test works, you become more cynical in realizing that it's easy to evade," said Sherwin.
Not surprising, not a single NFL player has tested positive for HGH.  On Super Bowl Sunday, growing support for stricter testing seems like a super idea.  For the players and for the good of the game.

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