Police: Possible howler monkey loose in central Ohio

Police: Possible howler monkey loose in central Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A search is underway for a monkey on the lam in central Ohio.

Minerva Park Police Chief Kim Nuesse says an officer spotted a monkey around 11 a.m. Thursday eating something and sitting on a fence in Columbus.

Nuesse says that based on the officer's description authorities are searching for a howler monkey.

Police and the state Department of Agriculture say they haven't found any pet owners in the area who are missing any primates.

Nuesse says she has posted information about the monkey on the department's Facebook page. She says residents should call police and not approach it.

Wildlife officials say the monkeys can be aggressive or territorial.

A state spokeswoman says 10 monkeys are permitted in the state and none of them live in the area.

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