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On The Mark: Free J.R. Smith

On the Mark (Source: WOIO) On the Mark (Source: WOIO)

I could understand J.R. Smith being left out of the three point contest if he got beat out by Larry Bird or Craig Hodges. Chris Bosh? You have got to be joking. I get that the Cavs only have on All-Star in the game. Kevin Love hasn’t been good enough and Kyrie Irving has been hurt, but to not even put Smith in the three-point contest is absurd.

He’s the perfect kind of candidate. He shoots, and makes, a lot of threes. He can get blistering hot at a moment’s notice. He has a… let’s say… unique personality. Oh by the way, he’s also on one of the best teams in basketball. The Cavs should have more representation at All-Star weekend. Smith should be there. You can’t tell me that the TNT crew wouldn’t love to put a camera on LeBron as Smith is jacking up threes, right? We all know how they love to get LeBron doing LeBron things on the sidelines, who better to bring it out than Smith flame-throwing trifectas?
The Cavs got jobbed here. Some will blame Smith’s off-court issues in the past, but, aren’t they in the past? It’s not like he was next to Billy Manziel in a wig in Sin City! Come on! This is ridiculous. Free J.R. Smith! Somebody start a hashtag campaign! That’s how we protest things these days, right? Come up with a witty slogan, jam all those words together and slap a tic-tac-toe sign in front of it. There is probably a “Who Shot JR” variant out there that would be a really snappy hashtag, but I’m too busy to find it. Too busy trying to find an idea more stupid than Chris Bosh getting in a three point contest over J.R. Smith. Plenty there to keep me busy.

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