Social media's negative influence on children in Independence

Social media's negative influence on children in Independence

INDEPENDENCE, OH (WOIO) - "It doesn't care about economic status, social status, geographic location, even age," says Independence Police Chief Michael Kilbane about predators using social media.

He is aiming to make parents in his community more aware of the risks the internet poses to their kids that often leads to children being abducted or worse.

It can happen anyone, anywhere.

"This type of luring, this type of victimization is absolutely non-discriminatory," Chief Kilbane says.

Many of his tips you've heard before but they often go unheeded.

They include be aware of your children's activities; Know where your kids are; what websites are they frequenting; who are they talking too; and who are their internet friends.

Chief Kilbane warns parents to stay alert. He says these apps and websites come and go.  What's popular this week may not be popular next week and predators exploit that.

Kilbane and others have put together a special program for parents.

They will go through the protocols were they will issue photo IDs to your children, how to get that info into a statewide data base and why you need your child's fingerprints and DNA.

The Independence Police Department is holding  a special program at the Independence High School Tuesday evening to let parents know what risks there are and how to protect their children.

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