Experts say the flu vaccine is effective for dogs

Ohio vets encourage dog owners to opt for flu vaccine
Flu vaccine for dogs. (Source: WOIO)
Flu vaccine for dogs. (Source: WOIO)

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - One-year-old boxer mix Doby is getting his second round of the flu shots at Avon Lake Animal Clinic.
"I has heard about it last year when there was a problem with dogs coming down with the flu. Then when we had him checked out at Paws by the Lake. They required a flu shot," says Rebecca Stoll.
Pet owner Rebecca Stoll tells us she does it to protect her dog because she doesn't want to take any chances with his health and either do employees at Paws by the Lake. If you want your dog to go to doggy care day care or stay overnight they must have their flu shots.

"I just want to do whatever we can to keep him from getting sick and possibly having problems due to that," explains Stoll.

Veterinarian Frank Krupka  says right now there are no cases of the flu in dogs in Ohio. Last year there were dozens. Even more reason to stay on top of it.
"We're trying to prevent against those diseases we see in the social environment dogs in our boarding facilities, daycare facilities, dog parks, places where there's going to be congregations of dogs coming together," says Dr. Krupka .
There are two types of flu vaccines available, the newest version is H3N2. For dogs like Doby getting the initial round means coming back two-to-four weeks later for the final yearly shot. Dr. Krupka says the vaccines are effective.
Peace of mind for Rebecca.
Dr. Krupka says if your dog stays indoors and doesn't really interact with other dogs the level of concern is lower, that is unless you plan on boarding your pet at their facility.

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