Former softball player sues KSU, coach in rape cover up

Former softball player sues KSU, coach in rape cover up

KENT, OH (WOIO) - A former softball player and senior at Kent State has filed a civil lawsuit against the university and former softball coach Karen Linder for covering up a rape by a baseball player.

In the complaint, the victim alleges that Linder covered up the rape by her son, Tucker Linder, then Kent State baseball player in the fall of their freshman year.

The complaint also states when the victim reported the attack to her coach at the end of her sophomore year, Linder responded by asking who she had told and not to tell anyone else.

The victim says Linder never reported the rape, as required by university policy.

Tucker eventually texted the victim and stated that he, "Never should have put her in a situation like that."

The text also read, "If ignoring me, hating me, and forgetting I exist is better for you to cope with this, I understand."

At the beginning of her senior year, the complaint alleges the victim reported the coach's cover-up to another university official but the athletic director intervened to prevent a formal filing of the complaint.

As a result, Karen Linder was allowed to resign without discipline or formal discharge.

"College coaches wield considerable power over their athletes. But with the power to demand obedience comes the responsibility not to abuse that power. No student-athlete should ever have to choose between reporting sexual abuse and playing the sport she loves," said victim's attorney, Subodh Chandra.

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