Medina Health Department educating public about the Zika virus

Medina Health Department educating public about the Zika virus

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Public health nurses at Medina County say they've received calls about the Zika virus.

Medina County Health Department has a travel clinic set up year-round where people can call in to get an assessment or come in person for vaccines.

The Health Commissioner says Zika is a virus they've known about for many years but with the recent outbreak in Latin America and a confirmed case in Cleveland, now is the time to inform the public.

"Making sure that the residents of our county are safe when they travel outside of the country and then return back to the country that is important for the health of the entire population," said Commissioner Wasowski.

Zika isn't high-risk and It's not a virus that's casually spread from person to person. The health department says 4 out of 5 people who contract Zika have no symptoms.

"The way Zika is spread, someone has to have the virus and then a mosquito capable of transmitting that has to bite that person infected and then bite another person to infect that other person," said the Commissioner.

There is a travel advisory from the CDC.

"What we're seeing now with this travel advisory is not a prohibition on travel it's just making sure people who are traveling are aware of the potential risk," she said.

The department recommends taking an EPA registered insect repellant with you if you're traveling and giving the nurses a call. The phone number is 330-723-9688.

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